Disposable Virus Sampling Tube.


Effective Test Tubes

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

  • This product is suitable for:
    • Coronavirus
    • Influenza virus
    • Hand
    • Foot and mouth virus
    • Measles rubella virus
    • Other viruses and related samples collection and transportation at room temperature.
  • Sampling location: It can be used to collect from all kinds of throat, nasal cavity, oral cavity, wound and so on.

Product Advantage

Flocking Swab

  • New sampling technology to increase the amount of specimen collection and release.

  • Adopt unique jet flocking technology.

  • Vertical villus arrangement can increase the collection and release of samples and provide analytical sensitivity.

  • The swab rod has a breakable design, which makes the operation more convenient.

Instruction of Use

  • Immediately inactivate the virus and avoid secondary infection.

  • High efficient enzyme inactivation reagent to remove the hidden danger of nucleic acid degradation.

  • Nucleic acid protectant can protect virus nucleic acid from degradation at room temperature for 4 days
Different Specification BB-2020
Swab length 15
Fluid Volume 1.0

*  BigBen Medical also provides non-inactivated preservation solution.

Preservation Solution*

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  • MSDS  available based on request .
  • minimum quantity of 1000 tubes . 
  • For any inquires pleases contact us at info(at)bigbenmedical.com 

  • MSDS  available based on request.
  • For any inquires pleases contact us at info(at)bigbenmedical.com 

Want to know more?