Wondfo Urine Drug Screen Cup CLIA Waived 12 Panel 25/Box, 20/Case


12-Panel T-Cup Compact; AMP, BAR, BUP, BZO, COC, mAMP, MDMA, MOP, MTD, OXY, PCP, THC

12-Panel Drug Test is a fast visual, competitive panel immunoassay that can be used for the simultaneous, qualitative detection of multiple drug metabolites at specific cutoff levels in human urine.

®T-Cup Compact Multi-Drug Urine Test Cup offers any combinations from 2 to 15 drugs of abuse tests but only one cutoff concentration under same drug condition will be included per device. It is intended for over the-counter and for prescription use.

For in vitro diagnostic use.


The tests may yield positive results for the prescription drugs Buprenorphine, Nortriptyline, Oxazepam, Secobarbital, Propoxyphene, and Oxycodone when taken at or above prescribed doses. It is not intended to distinguish between prescription use or abuse of these drugs. Clinical consideration and professional judgment should be applied to any drug of abuse test result, particularly in evaluating a preliminary positive result.

The tests provide only preliminary results. To obtain a confirmed analytical result, a more specific alternate chemical method must be used. Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS-MS) is the recommended confirmatory method.

  • Precise & accurate results in 5 minutes
  • 99% accordance with the GC/MS reference method
  • Adheres to International Standards for SAMSHA/NIDA Detection limits of Cutoffs
  • SAMHSA Lab GC/MS Confirmation optional
  • Immediate Results
  • Results Remain Valid for Up To 4 Hours After Test Initiation
  • Shelf-life 24 months from date of manufacture

SAMSHA Approved Drug Detection Cutoff Levels

Drug Name Abbreviation Cutoff Minimum Detection Time in Urine* Maximum Detection Time in Urine*
Amphetamine AMP 1000 ng/ml 2-7 hours 2-4 days
Barbiturates BAR 300 ng/ml 2-4 hours 1-3 weeks
Benzodiazepines BZO 300 ng/ml 2-7 hours 1-4 days
Buprenorphine BUP 10 ng/ml 2-7 hours 2-3 days
Cocaine COC 300 ng/ml 1-4 hours 2-4 days
Ecstasy MDMA 500 ng/ml 2-7 hours 2-4 days
Marijuana THC 50 ng/ml 2 hours up to 40 days
Methadone MTD 300 ng/ml 3-8 hours 1-3 days
Methamphetamine mAMP 1000 ng/ml 2-7 hours 2-4 days
Morphine / Opiates MOP / OPI-300 300 ng/ml 2 hours 2-3 days
Opiates OPI 2000 ng/ml 2 hours 2-3 days
Oxycodone OXY 100 ng/ml 1-3 hours 1-2 days
Phencyclidine PCP 25 ng/ml 4-6 hours 7-14 days
Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 1000 ng/ml 8-12 hours 2-7 days
Propoxyphene PPX 300 ng/ml 2-7 hours 2-3 days
* Detection times are not guaranteed.
Additional information
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in

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Drug Urine screening Cup