About us

Introduction to Business Process Outsourcing

Big Ben Medical Supplies is a Michigan-based premier distributor of high-quality medical supplies and equipment, providing reliable and efficient solutions for healthcare professionals and facilities. Our customers include but not limited to all range of doctor offices, such as primary cares, pediatricians, urgent cares, physical therapy, and clinical laboratories. We offer a wide range of medical products, including Professional medical PPE and point-of-care testing solutions such as COVID-19 antigen, Flu A and B, RSV, and more, urine drug screening tests, and laboratory supplies like pipettes and specimen containers.

In addition to our extensive product selection, we also provide healthcare digital transformation solutions through our Medmozo.com which offers a suite of patient engagement tools, online booking systems, and other technology solutions designed to streamline and optimize healthcare workflows. We are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and innovative solutions to help them improve their efficiency, patient outcomes, and overall success.

At Big Ben Medical Supplies, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and high-quality products at affordable prices. Our experienced and knowledgeable sales team is always available to provide personalized service and support to our customers, ensuring that their unique needs are met. We understand that healthcare professionals and facilities rely on us to provide them with the best possible solutions, and we are committed to delivering on that promise.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service, high-quality products, and a wide selection of point-of-care testing solutions, medical supplies, and healthcare digital transformation solutions is what sets us apart from the competition, making us a trusted name in the medical supplies industry.