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(Each) Specimen Container 3oz/90 ml Sterile Individual pack (Urine Container)

Safer storage and transportation of samples, especially for biological samples has been critical, owing to the risk of potentially hazardous substances. PP material, 90ml volume, Screw cap, molded graduation & sealed label Straight-sided container format featuring top and bottom positive grip knurls for ease of opening and closing when wearing protective or latex gloves Stackable, leak-resistant and graduated. Sterile containers labeled with a security tab label and sterilized. The cup that contains a leak-proof cap, label, integrity seal, and tamper evident tape to ensure sample integrity. Meets US Postal Service and private courier specifications for transporting urine specimens.

(Each) Specimen Container 3oz/90 ml Sterile with Temp. strip & needle Individual pack

This collector is composed of Urine collection cup and vacuum urine collection tube, which is made of Medical grade Plastic material, mainly used for urine specimen collection. Good sealing performance prevents leakage effectively, convenient for specimen storage and transportation, also can avoid the contact between medical staff and specimen. Safety and convenient to take the samples. Easy & Non pollution during the transportation. The vacuum urine specimen collection cups are perfect for improving sample integrity with the leak-proof vacuum transfer design. They reduce the risk of urine contamination by patients or medical staff. Each 90 ml cup is individually packaged with a screw on top and are great for pneumatic transport with their watertight closing system.