(Each) URISCAN OPTIMA TOUCH-SCREEN URINE ANALYZER + 10 URISCAN 10SGL Urinalysis Strips tests 10 parameter, 100 strips/ bottle

SKU: BB-US02-Combo

URISCAN Optima Urine Analyzer With 10 Bottles 10SGL Urine Test Strips CLIA Waived.
10SGL strips for measuring blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, protein, nitrite,
glucose, pH, specific gravity, leucocytes

Features and benefits
  • 2 measuring modes (routine test and quick test)
  • for routine test (36T/H) and for quick test (300T/H)
  • LCD touch screen
  • Can save up to 2000 result.
  • Silicon cover metal strip holder for easy clean.
Additional information



Urine analysis strips


ISO 13485




CLIA Waived

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging details:

  •  Minimum order quantity: Each
  • Packaging Details: Analyzer + 10 bottle of 100 Strip/ Box

 Shipping details:

  •  Shipped from US Michigan.
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  • Return is not accepted if the case or bag is opened, or the seal is broken.
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