(Each) Haig Ferguson Obstetric Forceps 36.5cm

Made of High Quality German Stainless Steel, with overall length 36.5cm.
The two-branched Haig Ferguson Obstetric Forceps are used during labour and have an axis traction rod and tape slots inside the blades. Made of High Quality German Stainless Steel it assists the surgeons in OBS/GYN procedures

Features and benefits
Length: 36.5cm
Material: German Stainless Steel
FDA Class: 1
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36.5 cm

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging details:

  • Minimum order quantity: One Pcs.
  • Packing Details: Each
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7.2'' x 0.9'' x 0.6''

Shipping details:

  • Shipped from US Michigan.
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  • Return is not accepted if the case or bag is opened, or the seal is broken.
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